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Do you like comedy, fantasy, sci fi, absurdity and adventure?

Party of Four is a podcast where

four comedians take on an

RPG adventure of pure imagination.

David Dineen-Porter

Producer / Game Master

David Dineen-Porter is the mastermind behind Party of Four. Voted Toronto’s Best Male Stand-Up in 2013 and 2014, he has spent his adult life laboring so that you could be entertained. Was it worth it?

The cast has included some of the funniest comedians in North America, whose credits include HBO, 21 Jump Street, Veep, Picnicface and so on

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our latest adventure

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I think that these are fantastic. Stupendous, even! Keep it up, and I’ll spread the word.

Suggestion: I think you should bring back secret missions, but make the mission the character’s mission, instead of an at the table meta-game sort of thing. I think that’d be great.


This is one of the best podcasts I have found! You are all amazing! Are you kust releasing whenever the next one is done? I keep refreshing the page like 4 times a day, cause I want moar. If theres some kind of schedule Im unaware of, can you let me know? Keep up the amazing work


The schedule is every Tuesday at Midnight, however, episode 11 is delayed a week due to various and complicated but mysterious and unrevealed reasons.

One fun you can do is get your friends hooked on Party of Four, and then relive it through their eyes. It’s almost as good 🙂


Already on it 😀


I Just started listening
Good stuff !


Hey, you guys planning on a new season?


You better believe it. Feb 10, 2016.


When are you guys coming back? This is definitely one of my favorite RPG podcasts, and I’ve been waiting so patiently for you all to return.


New Episodes begin Feb 10, 2016.


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