Episode 12 – Rise-turn of the Jah Finders – SEASON 1 FINALE

jah findersJah Finders, combine!  Summoned back from their various fates, the Jah Finders reunite for another adventure. Don’t worry if you didn’t hear the first one, this one is basically totally unrelated.


And this is the FINALE of the 1st season of Party of Four! Stay tuned for more fun stuff from the Po4 team, including more live episodes, the return of some old friends, and many other delightful things, all in 2015!




Kirsten Rasmussen (Sky Baby)
Chris Locke (Gralph: The Tired Man)
James Hartnett (Keith Corbin: Dwarf Hunter)
Matt Folliott (Sandy the Spider)

And hosted by David Dineen-Porter



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I need my Party of 4 fix!! I can’t wait for season 2!!


Feb 10, baby!


Will there ever be a second season?


Yes. Starting Feb 10.


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