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Party of Four is hosted by yours truly, David Dineen-Porter..But who am I?

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I’m a comedian , filmmaker and writer from Toronto.  I’ve been at the comedy game for about 15 long brutal years, wasting away in the frozen tundral barrens of Canada.

After doing a bunch of festivals, being on a bunch of prank shows, and producing a bunch of funny videos for the internet, I decided to take the thing I was best at (coming up with absolute stupid nonsense) and try to get some strangers to download hours worth of that.

I was voted best male stand-up comedian in a Canadian magazine in both 2013 and 2014, just so you know I have cred.

If you want to see some of my other work, check out these things.

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Alex Benzinger
May 3, 2015 9:33 am

Greetings! I come in peace! 🙂

I am Alex and I run Darkraven Games. We specialize in audio and audio environments for SciFi and Fantasy games and immersion.

We are running a Kickstarter now with about 11 days left. It is an expansion which brings a total of 80 SciFi tracks and 19 hours of SciFi sound to SciFi lovers, RPG and table top gamers. We have gotten loads of postitive feedback about our stuff and have had 1000+ backers on Kickstarters with over $70,000 raised.

Stop in and have a look. It would be lovely if you could mention this to your listeners. This is the link for the current Kickstarter which runs through May 14:


Anyone coming to our website can get a free 15 minute battle mech battle track and a 15 minute city hover car track … and an AWESOME 10 minute Hollywood level battle music track, as well as two free bonus scifi tracks on the home page of our darkravengames.com. I also have a link there to download a FREE copy of our epic Cthulhu soundscapes (with 80+ minutes of audio) which had 260+ backers and has done $20,000+ in business. Hurry though. That link won’t be up forever!

Alex Benzinger


I wish I had seen this last year. I was on hiatus and didn’t check the comments, however 🙁


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